Parent Council

The aim of the Gilroy Catholic College Parent Council is to support and represent the parents of Gilroy Catholic College

The Parent Council works in collaboration with the College Principal and the College's Leadership Team and Staff and are guided by the following principles:

  1. Work with the College community to ensure that Gilroy Catholic College maintains a distinctly Catholic ethos and culture

  2. Actively promote the interest and public image of Gilroy Catholic College in particular and Catholic Education generally by bringing together parents, pupils, clergy and teaching staff in a spirit of collaboration and close co-operation

  3. Provide opportunities for the school, parents, staff and other parishioners to come together to celebrate and socialise, so as to build a strong and harmonious community spirit

  4. Provide a forum for discussion on education and pastoral matters

  5. Assist in the evangelising mission of the Church as it is expressed in its special educational ministry to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to young people

  6. Promote activities to raise funds which assist and support the school to acquire teaching and learning resources and contribute to the ongoing maintenance of buildings and grounds